Last updated on 9th March 2019

This website uses cookies. Here is our policy and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about them:


What’s a Cookie?

Whenever you visit a website, your device downloads a number of small files called “cookies.” The cookies are widely used to make online services work and operate more efficiently, and to provide the owners of the websites with information regarding the user experience and efficiency of the websites. The cookies also let the website recognise your particular device, this means it can remember your preferences, you can navigate between pages more quickly, as well as do a number of other useful things.

Cookies serve many valuable purposes but you may wish to not allow them or to limit their use. Most browsers allow you the ability to manage the cookies in a way that suits you by changing the browser’s settings. The settings of your browser should give you the ability to disallow cookies from sites on site by site basis and to disallow cookies from sites that you do not trust. Please note that disabling cookies or other tracking technologies on our websites may diminish and/or disable some of the features or whole parts of our websites, and functionality may no longer work as intended.

If you’d like more detailed information about cookies, you can find everything you’ll need to know over at and


Why Do We Use Cookies?


We use cookies on our website to improve your experience when visiting it.

The reasons that we use specific cookies depends on what they can do. We use:

  1. Authentication Cookies:

Authentication Cookies make sure that our websites function correctly. For example, they “tell” whether you’re logged in or logged out, help you access the key features of the website and use its services. We may use both 1st party and 3rd party cookies for this, depending how you decide to authenticate in our websites.

  1. Security, site and product integrity:

We use cookies to help us keep your account and data safe and secure.

  1. Analytics and Research Cookies:

We use 3rd party Analytics and Research cookies to help us improve how our website functions. They collect strictly anonymous aggregated data to better understand how people use the website so that we can improve it. We can then look at this data to identify problematic parts of our website and improve them.

  1. Site features and services:

These cookies save information about the choices you’ve made when using our site. They allow your experience to be personalised. Want to keep chatting to our customer care team while switching the page you’re on, for instance? A cookie will be allowing you to do it. We use both 1st party and 3rd party cookies for this function.

  1. Targeting/Advertising Cookies:

We use 3rd party remarketing cookies to collect anonymous data about your website browsing behavior, so we can serve you better, more personalized and adequate ads in 3rd party websites across all your devices, exactly for the things that you are interested in.


Want to opt out? Easy.

You can disable the use of cookies in our websites by turning them off in your browser settings. Have in mind, that some of the website functionality could not work properly without cookies.


How Long Do Cookies Stay on Your Device?

There are two different types of cookies in terms of the time they remain on your device, and we use them both:

  1. Persistent cookies:

This type of cookie remains on your device until they expire or you delete them, either manually or automatically. Please note that the expiration period for these cookies could vary from hours to unlimited time.

  1. Session cookies:

These only last for a single session. When you close your browser, they get deleted.


Your Right to Refuse Cookies (E.U. Residents)

If you’re a user based in the European Union (E.U.) you can refuse to allow cookies to be placed on your device.


How to Refuse Cookies?

You can usually find information about how to stop your browser from accepting cookies in your specific browser’s Help menu. You can also often get your browser to notify you when it’s receiving a new cookie, or disable use of cookies completely.

If you’re stuck, try consulting for more information about all things cookie.

Be aware that by refusing cookies you’ll most likely see any preferences you’ve set on our site be lost, as well as see the site not work as well. By setting your browser to refuse cookies from our site, you may also set it to refuse cookies from all websites.


Updating Our Cookie Policy

We may update our policy from time to time, in order to reflect the changes in technology, legislation, how we conduct and operate our business, or as otherwise necessary and appropriate. Whenever we make any changes we’ll always notify you and post a clear notice here if this changes the way we interact with your personal information. We’ll post details of even the smallest changes here in any case.

Any changes will become effective as of the date we make the revision of the policy available to our users. We strongly encourage you to review the privacy policy and terms and conditions from time to time and note the “Last updated” date to ensure that you are aware of any changes, when the policy was last modified and to fully understand the nature of your interactions with us.


Get Your Other Cookie Questions Answered

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions at all about our Cookies Policy. You can reach us by sending us an email at